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Electives classes are additional enrichment classes led by companies that Right At School partners with that are typically one hour once per week, with a new schedule offered three times per school year. These classes are open to any students in the school, including anyone enrolled in Right Club, for an additional cost. Electives classes are a great opportunity for specialized enrichment in the convenience of your own school.

Dessie F. Evans Elementary

Electives Winter 2023-24 Session is from 02/12/2024 through 04/19/2024.

Registration for this session will open on 01/22/2024 and close on 02/23/2024.

No Classes

No elective classes on the following dates: Feb 16, 2024, Feb 19, 2024, Mar 06, 2024, Mar 07, 2024, Mar 08, 2024, Mar 29, 2024, Apr 08, 2024, Apr 09, 2024, Apr 10, 2024, Apr 11, 2024, Apr 12, 2024.

Class Confirmation

Any classes that have not met their minimum will be canceled on FRIDAY BEFORE START DATE.


Payment is due in full at the time of enrollment (unless otherwise indicated). Refunds are available if requested within the first week of the class.

Elective classes are excluded from any discount offers or promotions.

Class Status

Confirmed = Class has reached its minimum and will take place this session.

Scheduled = Class has not yet reached is Minimum and is in danger of being canceled. A class may take place under the minimum and will be listed as Scheduled after the session start date. 

Canceled =  Class will not take place this session. 

Click on the blue hyperlink in the Description column for the class description.